Prominent patient safety solutions company introduces a nursing-designed “Made in America” fall mat to reduce patient and resident injuries across multiple care settings

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As America ages, the number of patients receiving care in hospitals, in health care facilities and at home has exploded.

One of the most concerning aspects of this care is that falls by patients have resulted in far more serious injuries and fatalities.

Health Sense Ai Inc., an affiliate of HD Nursing LLC, announced today it has introduced a revolutionary fall mat called the Performance Mat. As populations become more acute in specific health care settings, the need for new and improved, readily available material resources, specifically designed to protect people from injuries from falls, has significantly increased.

Combined with the recent systemic nurse and caregiver staffing shortages that seem to be far reaching, the nursing experts at Health Sense Ai identified floor mats as the leading intervention to absorb trauma when patients and residents fall from beds or chairs. These mats substantially reduce the severity of injury with proven biomechanical evidence of protective properties.

Fall mats have not been properly utilized for a variety of reasons, with many stored in closets or storage areas, while patients continued to fall from beds and chairs onto unprotected flooring, suffering severe injuries that could have easily been prevented. HD Nursing, with its decisive, unfaltering mission to protect patients and residents from injuries when they fall, commissioned resources and experts to redesign floor mats from the inside out, corner to corner, edge to edge and top to bottom. 

Each year, bedside falls in both acute and long-term care settings result in hundreds of thousands of patient injuries, and more than 20,000 deaths. Many of these injuries are preventable, and the evidence supports that severity of injury can be dramatically reduced. Fall mats, when properly deployed, have proven effective in injury prevention intervention by absorbing trauma away from the body.

Industry thought leader Dr. Patricia Quigley, director of HD Nursing’s Clinical Advisory Board, stated: “If we could get nursing and caregiving staff to use fall mats more broadly and consistently, we would see a huge decline in overall patient and resident injuries, including severe injuries that result in permanent injuries, disabilities and deaths. I believe the new Performance Mat and its many benefits will accelerate this life-sparing goal.”

HD Nursing’s expert nursing team thoroughly examined the limitations of traditional bedside floor mats and found they are not “nurse or patient friendly.” The mats were too thick, making it difficult to roll equipment over and creating a trip hazard for both patient and nurse. The core materials used in traditional mats were vinyl and foam, stitched together in several places allowing absorption of contaminants into the mat itself. This made them almost impossible to clean and reuse, creating infection control concerns and limiting the lifespan of the mat. The mats, upon moderate impact, had limited resiliency or memory properties and lost their protective qualities. Lastly, most were made offshore with limited product availability.

Dr. Amy Hester, CEO of HD Nursing, stated: “Knowing how important the effective use of fall mats is on reducing injuries, it was crucial that we re-designed the mat with nurses, patients and elderly residents in mind. Caring for more than 50,000 patient beds daily, we know it’s critically important a mat is utilized for patients or residents at risk of a fall. By re-designing the fall mat, I believe we checked the key boxes so health care providers and at-home caregivers will fully appreciate the enhanced benefits these new and improved mats provide their at-risk patients and residents.”

The Performance Mat is only 5/8″ thick and has beveled edges on all sides that do not curl up and cause trip risks. Made in America of one solid material, this new mat is anti-absorbing, antimicrobial and simple to clean. The mat offers anti-fatigue qualities to both patient and resident, nurse and caregiver, and it is made to last. The Performance Mat comes with a three-year replacement warranty. Both slip and impact resistance properties are certified by the National Floor Safety Institute, the American Podiatric Medical Association, and received the Senior Select Seal of Assurance.

Kent Barkouras, Health Sense Ai President, stated: “The data is conclusive that fall mats work in reducing injuries from patient and long-term care resident falls. Our expert nursing team developed and created a brand-new, high-quality product that eliminates many of the barriers to using these highly effective products. Our primary goal was to provide an affordable product that meets the needs of health care providers and caregivers by making it convenient to use our mats with at-risk patients and residents. I believe we achieved these objectives.”

Visit www.performancemat.com for additional information.

About Health Sense Ai Inc.
Health Sense Ai Inc. (“HSAi”) is an affiliate of HD Nursing with its primary purpose to create and establish a unique repository of intellectual property assets and operating entities, including Prevention Plus Performance Products, Inc., developer of the Performance Mat. HSAi’s companies are primarily focused on enhancing patient and long-term care resident safety by reducing and mitigating injuries from patient falls.

About HD Nursing LLC
HD Nursing is a patient safety solution provider that combines predictive science, technology and data analytics to deliver individualized patient care. HD Nursing’s Fall and Pressure Injury Prevention Programs are comprehensive, evidence-based approaches to reduce patient falls and injuries from falls, as well as pressure injuries. Their efficacy has been validated in the electronic health record. The HD Nursing solutions are employed by most of the leading health systems and academic medical centers across the United States. Since the company’s inception in 2012, HD Nursing has been fully committed to the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion, which are essential in its constant pursuit of excellence in patient safety and care. For more information on HD Nursing visit www.hdnursing.com.

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