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You could absolutely toss a towel on the floor as you get out of the shower, but there’s something to be said about stepping on a plush, highly-absorbent bath mat. The best bath mats easily soak up excess water, provide added comfort and keep you safe from untoward accidents like slipping on a wet floor. Plus, just like a good rug, a bath mat can instantly add style to your bathroom and seamlessly pull the space together. For a plush, absorbent and grippy bath rug that’ll do the job and do it right, the Brooklinen Bath Mat is our top pick overall. But there are plenty of other great options on this list, one of which is bound to fit your bathroom style and budget.

L.L.Bean’s bath mat is designed with 1-inch loops to create a plush underfoot experience that … [+] quickly soaks up water—whether just out of the shower or while standing at the sink.

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When it comes to shopping for the best bath mat, you’ll want to take into consideration things like size, design, comfort, grip and value. Plus, a good bath mat doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, but it’s one of those items that tends to get a lot of wear, so you’ll want to find an option that’s easy to toss in the wash every now and again.

If that seems like a lot to look for, rest assured, we’ve already done the legwork for you. To determine the best bathroom mats on the market, we scoured specs and customer reviews, doing our very best to ensure that only the most top-rated options made it to our final list. Below, here are our 12 best bath mats you can buy right now.

Best Overall Bathroom Rug

An Ultra Plush Mat That Feels Cushy Beneath The Feet

Size: Choose from two sizes | Material: Turkish cotton | Color options: Choose from four colors

This extra thick, 100% Turkish cotton bath mat is beloved by over 1,500 shoppers thanks to its plush design that feels light and airy but incredibly absorbent as you step out of the shower. It’s OEKO-TEX certified, which means it was made with ethical and sustainable production processes in mind, specifically surrounding chemical safety. What’s more, the mat, which is sold in five colors, is easy to care for. Simply pop it in the wash and follow up with a tumble dry on low to keep it feeling fresh and looking its best.


  • Extra thick spa-like feel
  • Machine-washable


  • Only available in four neutral colors

Best Budget Bathroom Rug

A Fan-Favorite Bath Rug Available In 30 Colors

Sizes: Choose from five sizes | Material: 100% Cotton | Color options: Choose from 30 colors

Hundreds of The Company Store shoppers adore this bath rug thanks to its versatility which makes it a great pick for bathrooms of all sizes and color palettes. In addition to being sold in four basic sizes to accommodate single and double sinks, standing showers and full-sized baths, this bath rug is available in a contour option which works well with pedestal sinks. Sizes aside, it’s sold in literally every color of the rainbow, features a cozy chunky weave that’s soft and absorbent and honestly a joy to step on.


  • Sold in 30 colors
  • Sold in five sizes
  • Chunky, cozy weave


  • Loops can snag
  • Long loops can look matted over time (must be fluffed to maintain shape)

Best Cotton Bath Rug

A No-Frills Bath Mat That’s Beloved By Shoppers


Size: Comes in one standard size| Material: Turkish Cotton | Color options: Choose from six colors

Hundreds of Parachute shoppers consider this simple cotton tub mat to be the best of the best. It’s made with plush, 100% Turkish cotton that quickly absorbs water from your feet without feeling soaked in the process. And while it’s made entirely of cotton, you don’t have to worry about putting any extra TLC into this mat, as it’s machine-washable for convenient care.


  • Soft and absorbent
  • Machine-washable


  • Only sold in neutral colors
  • Only sold in one size

Best Looped Bath Rug

An Ultra-Thick Bathroom Rug That Quickly Soaks Up Water

Size: Choose from two sizes | Material: Cotton | Color options: Choose from seven colors

If you prefer an ultra-thick, extremely cushy bath mat, this looped option from L.L.Bean is a great choice. It’s designed with 1-inch loops to create a plush underfoot experience that quickly soaks up water—whether just out of the shower or while standing at the sink. That’s the thing about this bath rug: It’s designed with sink sizes (as opposed to baths) in mind. So, whether you have a single or double sink (a shower or a tub), this design will work.


  • Sold in seven colors
  • Designed with long loops for optimal comfort
  • Machine-washable


  • While the loops are designed to be resistant to snags, shoppers say it’s still possible
  • Long loops crush down with wear, which can make it look disheveled

Best Microfiber Bath Rug

A Cushy Bath Mat That’s Soft And Absorbent

Dimensions: Choose from four sizes | Material: Chenille | Color options: Choose from 14 colors

This plush microfiber bath rug is sold in four sizes, including a runner option, and 14 neutral and spa-like colors (the brightest of which is a serene dark teal). The rug is made of fuzzy chenille microfiber which is soft and cushy to the touch. As such, it works well to cushion the feet, whether fresh out of the shower or standing at the vanity. Best of all, this machine-washable rug stays put. It’s lined with a Melt Back Adhesive that promotes breathability, as well as provides traction.


  • Ultra-soft
  • Machine-washable
  • Slip-proof backing


  • Only solid in neutral colors

Best Memory Foam Bath Rug

A Non-Slip Bath Mat That Feels Like Stepping On A Cloud

Size: Choose from seven sizes | Material: Memory Foam | Color options: Choose from 21 colors

Over 23,000 Amazon shoppers have given the Yimobra Memory Foam Bath Mat their 5-star seal of approval. The machine-washable mat is sold in seven sizes (including ultra-long runners) and 21 colors (both neutral and bright). The low pile rug has rounded corners and a rubber backing to ensure it stays put. While the absorbent mat shows foot prints upon walking, it quickly bounces back to maintain it’s crease-free shape.


  • Thick memory foam construction
  • Soft velvet upper lining
  • Non-slip rubber backing
  • Machine-washable


  • Some shoppers report a lingering chemical odor

Best Wooden Bath Rug

A Chic Wooden Mat Fit For A Spa

Size: Comes in one standard size | Material: Recycled wood | Color options: Comes in one color

If you’ve ever been to a high-end spa or luxe outdoor shower, then you’ve likely come across wooden bathmats. Although these mats aren’t known for their absorption abilities, they do offer an undeniably chic entryway and exit from showers and baths. The Lattice Wooden Mat from Crate & Barrel is beloved for its indoor and outdoor use, as well as its smooth finish, which prevents the possibility of splinters. That said, since it’s made of recycled wood chips held together with glue, the mat drains water, rather than soaking it up. As such, after use, shoppers suggest wiping up the floor (unless it’s outside) to prevent pooling.


  • Sanded wood, so no splinters possible
  • Lays flat
  • Drains water, which prevents mold


  • Doesn’t absorb water
  • Infused with natural oils that can stain floors

Best Bath Rug On Amazon

A Crowd Favorite That’s Available In Seven Sizes

Dimensions: Choose from seven sizes | Material: Memory Foam | Color options: Choose from 22 colors

Over 41,000 Amazon shoppers have given this 3/4-inch memory foam bathroom rug a 5-star review. The reason? It’s soft, absorbent, dries fast, has a non-slip backing and it’s machine-washable. What’s more, it’s sold in seven sizes, including options for tight spaces and expansive bathrooms. Additionally, this rug is available in a ton more bright and vivid colors than neutral shades, which is rare. So, no matter your color preference, there’s an option for you.


  • Soft and padded
  • Dries in minutes
  • Machine-washable


  • Can look crumpled after a wash

Best Bath Runner

A Long Rug That Stays Put

Dimensions: Choose from three sizes | Material: Polyester microfiber | Color options: Choose from 10 colors

For a plush underfoot experience that spans the entire length of your shower, bath or double-sink vanity, check out the top-selling Threshold Signature Bath Rug from Target. In addition to being sold in a 24 x 60 inch runner size, it’s also available in two single-sink or shower stall options. The rug is made with supremely soft polyester microfiber, which slightly cushions the feet. Additionally, it has a latex backing that keeps it in place, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping out from under you.


  • Sold in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • Machine-washable


  • Some shoppers report shedding
  • Some shoppers report it stays matted down after use

Best Plush Bath Mat

A Heavy Shag Rug For The Ultimate Comfort

Size: Choose from seven sizes | Material: Polyester | Color Options: Choose from 30 colors

This heavyweight polyester shag bath rug is designed to feel luxuriously soft underfoot. The high-pile weaving is especially cozy during the cooler months of the year, as it keeps feet warm when they’re wet (or dry), plus, it quickly absorbs water without feeling soaked in the process. In addition to being comfortable to the touch, it’s made with safety in mind thanks to its rubber slip-proof backing.


  • High-pile design offers added comfort
  • Highly absorbent
  • Slip-proof
  • Machine-washable


  • Rubber backing can take time to flatten out
  • Some shoppers report shedding

What Should I Look For When Buying A Bath Rug?


When looking for a bath rug, it’s important to keep the size of your space in mind. If you have a small bathroom, single sink, or stall-style shower, a smaller bath mat will work best. If you have a full-size shower or bath, or a double-sink vanity, opting for a runner will offer more floor protection and a more all-encompassing cozy underfoot experience.


Some bath rug materials are more absorbent than others. What’s more, some can be thrown in the wash while others have to be spot cleaned. Generally speaking, cotton and polyester bath rugs are best in terms of absorption and machine-washable care, while wood is more so about aesthetics than utility.

Color Options

While many bath rugs are sold in neutral, serene colors, there are plenty of high-quality mats available in bright, vivid hues. Which is all to say: Don’t limit yourself to drab colors if you’re really into color. There’s a cult-favorite bath rug for every color, material, and size preference—promise!

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